Local Specialties

Sautéed shrimp $23.00 – Afls.40.25

Flamed with brandy

Caribbean lobster tail Market Price

Broiled and served with drawn lemon butter or with the famous “Termidor Cream Sauce”, topped with parmesan cheese

Whole Red Snapper (Arupargo) Market Price

Fresh catch of the day $19.00 – Afls.33.25

From the local sea. Your choice of preparation-broiled or panfried with lemon and butter, garlic or creole sauce

Calco Stoba (Stewed Conch) $27.00 – Afls.47.25

Fresh conch the Aruban way with Creole or Garlic sauce

Coconut fried shrimp $23.00 – Afls.40.25

Served with a light curry mango sauce

Seafood Palm Beach $24.50 – Afls.43.00

A cream sauce with wine and flamed with pernod, lobster, fish, shrimps, scallops
and squid

Bacalao (Cod Fish) “Grand Ma Style” $16.00 – Afls.28.00

Cabrito Stoba (Stewed Goat Meat) “Aruban Style” $18.00 – Afls.31.50

Carni Stoba (Stewed Beef) $16.00 – Afls.28.00

Higra Hasa $16.00 – Afls.28.00
Small cuts of beef liver, mixed with onions

Our Famous Dish

Keeshi yena $19.00 – Afls.33.25
Gouda cheese and chicken baked with onions, peppers, celery, Green olives, raisins and cashew nuts