About Us

old-cunucuBon bini, Bien Venidos, Welcome to THE OLD CUNUCU HOUSE and allow us to enchant you with our ‘Native Hospitality’ inviting you to step back in time to enjoy our cozy and romantic atmosphere.

This Old Cunucu House is an original Aruban farmhouse which was built over 150 years ago.

Back in history, the island of Aruba was occupied under Spanish, French as well as Dutch government.

The Spanish architectural influence is reflected in the design and construction of the ‘cunucu house’, adapted to the hot tropical conditions. As cunucu stands for farmland, the typical farmhouse later on got the name of Cunucu House.

It was often built on a high spot with the windows in line with the north-east trade wind and with very thick walls, covered by a saddle roof, needed for the natural cooling.

The rocky foundation and the strong walls filled with big natural stones make the ‘cunucu’ house resistant to hurricanes, just in case.

The surrounding fence called ‘transhi’, made of rocks was applied as protection of the cultivation from stray goats in search of food.

In those days the ‘cunucu’ houses were self-supporting units for food and water supply. The occupants were often large three generation families.

With some nostalgia we often observe the disappearance of ‘cunucu’ houses which are replaced by modern housing projects.

That’s the reason why we make all efforts to preserve this one to offer our guests a peaceful and romantic site to enjoy our native hospitality in combination with our grandma-style cuisine.

To complete the native ambiance we offer plenty space for the exposition of local art.